Plastic Planets

by Plastic Planets

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released 17 December 2013

Eric Van Lugo - Bass

Roy Mitchell-Cárdenas - Guitar

Jeffrey Alan Wright - Drums

Produced by Plastic Planets

Recorded at Clear Tune Studios,
Solar Studio, and 10607 Studios

Engineered by Plastic Planets,
Cesar Milano, and Matt Brown

Mixed by Eric Van Lugo

Mastered by Nathan James at
The Vault Mastering Studios

Artwork by Brandi Strickland

Album design by R. Matt Verburg
and Jeffrey Alan Wright

Special thanks to:
Jordan Ensminger, Chris Rowland,
Tony Aguirre, and Lance Herring



all rights reserved


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Track Name: No Regrets
Leave a message on my wall
So the world can see it all
Doesn’t anybody talk?
Conversation has been lost

I wouldn’t be down to regret
No no no, no regrets
I wouldn’t let evil confess
No no no, no regrets

Broken record in my mind
I ain’t never gonna die
Doesn’t anybody talk?
I’ve deciphered what is wrong

If there is a place where we go
I won’t be the one to be told
What do I believe that isn’t so?

Images are found in this place
Take a look around and retrace
Some of all the things
You’ll never know

Here we go
We are lost
Track Name: Follow
I hate when people say listen
This is on my mind
I hear you’re at it again
I’m sick of hiding my feelings
Back behind my eyes
It’s suicide to pretend

I hate when you say you’re
Leaving for the very last time
Hear it again and again
I’m sick of swallowing lies
Just to be on your side
I think it’s time that i said

Only through this
I’ll follow
Only through this
I’ll follow you

Give it up
I’m giving up

Now that the feeling of
Leaving isn’t on my mind
Is something wrong with my head?
I’m sick of hiding my feelings
Back behind my eyes
How many times will I say?

You keep on lying to my face
I keep on lying wide awake
Track Name: Useless
This reminds me of my younger days
Oh, how I used to feel so small
And always be ashamed

Now I’m older I have lived to learn
What’s right and wrong
What’s nice and strong
I really hate to say

We dream and dream and dream
And dream of all the possibilities
[- - -] whispers in my ear and says

You and me
Together we are useless
We’re never gonna find a way
Together we are useless

Every moment
Every waking day
She sees the signs
Lost appetite
I really hate to say
She sees the signs again

Now I know
I’ve got the will to stay
And right away I see the son
Right away

You and me
However burned and
Broken we may be
Have finally made it

You and me
We rise up undefeated
So are we
Are all elated
Track Name: Electric Shadows
Electric shadows
Shining through the night
Electric shadows
Beaming in my eyes

I feel electric

I really need to figure out
What my life isn’t all about
Perhaps i need a cigarette
But I don’t really wanna die
Just yet

I don’t need to figure out
What my life is all about
I just need a cigarette
I don’t really wanna die
Just yet

Nothing I can say
(When you call me)
Nothing I can do

Nowhere i can go
(I’ll do anything for you)
And get away from you

I feel electric
Track Name: Norway Spiral
She was lost
In a dream
And she could not be set free

In my youth
How I tried
But she would not realize
No she would not compromise

Now she’s gone and
We’ll never find her
Heard she went down
A norway spiral

I don’t feel so safe

And for the first time
I saw her smile
And then she drowned in
A norway spiral
Track Name: Sunshine
Awake my soul to see
The good in every person
Detach my mind from all I’ve
Seen that isn’t right

Prepare myself to feel
The warmth of all creation
But something’s wrong
I don’t belong

Out of my head, into a revolution
Open the mind, only to find

There ain’t no sunshine left
(Try to take my soul)
There ain’t no sunshine
And I’ll say it again and again

There ain’t no sunshine left
(Try to take my soul)
There ain’t no sunshine
There ain’t no sun

A lack of hope and no
Remorse for misdirection
How does one deal with all
These instances of life?

A smile, a joke, a kiss,
A toke of inspiration
But something’s wrong
I don’t belong
Track Name: Imaginary Evil
Imaginary people in my mind
I’m all alone
A necessary evil in my life
It’s all I know
Imaginary evil

Countless obligations
Daily expectations
The fear of what is
And should never be

No one knows the cure
A future so unsure
Won’t you tell me
What is wrong with me?

You’re the voice inside my head
That takes my breath away
The only one that knows
How to control me
The right way

Help me if you can, oh please
I need you in my life
But every time I think of you
I tell myself a lie

Empty battle stations
Peace among the nations
What is wrong is gone
And all is right

But I don’t feel so sure
In my head I’m still at war
Without a gun and
No one’s on my side
Track Name: Brother
There you go
Looking like you know
And feeling like
A troublemaker everyday

Aren’t you glad you came?
You’re promising a fantasy
That we will never see
With our two eyes

Will you listen to me brother?
Never hear you say I’m sorry

I’m so glad you came
You feed into the lies of hope
But pardon me
You’re a rotting thief
Yes I may be the only one
To tell you why
You live a lonely life

I need to know you’re sorry for
All the lies you sold
And the dice you rolled

If you could have it anyway
Would you run away
With a different name?

Deliver the rain that you
Promised back in ‘92
Consider the pain
There’s a war that’s inside of you
Track Name: Me Go
Misunderstandings have we
Right down to where we are
And what we’re running from
It’s something that
I might not miss

Why are we running backwards?
Just take a look around
See you are not alone
We’re all on a sinking ship

And everybody out there
All around the world

Me go
I’m going for a walk now
All around the world

Somebody told me
That I’m a liar
Everyone knows it
Because it’s true

Nobody told me
That I’m on fire
I don’t know what to say,
Who to say, who to blame,
Who to save
Track Name: Little Star
Little Star
Stay with me a while
Welcome to this world

Me and you forever new

Little Star, Little Star
Little Star, Little Star
All love, love

Forever me and you